About faculty

The department of Islamic Nations Studies started its work in 2019(1399) by compiling the title of the direction of Islamic thoughts of Islam’s world and from Mehr 1401, it began its work by registering students in the master’s in political science, focusing on the political issues of the Islamic world. This department focuses on the studies of direction of Islamic thoughts, political and social issues of the Islam’s world and hopes to increase its activity in the knowledge of the Islamic world with six courses related to the Islamic world in Mehr 1402.

One of the most important goals of this department is to educate scholars in such a way that they can explain the views related to it by being aware of the existing thoughts in the Islamic world; Graduates of this department does scientific research articles and theses, which can prove its superiority over other intellectual, political and social fields, in addition to helping to know the field correctly. In this way, at the end of their studies, students are trained in this department who can enter the stage of explaining the views of this field and design the implementation models of this system in various fields , in addition to having a deep understanding of the issues of the Islam’s world.

Education in the College of Nations is on campus in all fields and sections, and virtual education is not provided for any field or section. In research-based education, the student is accepted through a proposal and then completes and presents his thesis through research and communication with supervisors and advisors, which are done virtually or on campus at the discretion of the professors.

The admission of non-Iranians in the College of Nations is different from the admission of those who have Iranian citizenship. All those who have Iranian citizenship are accepted through the exam, but non-Iranians can apply for studying in this department without an exam and by submitting the documents required by the university. The application for admission to the master’s degree courses of this faculty is reviewed by the academic board of the scientific departments, and after the review of the application, the approval or disapproval of the application is announced through the review of the resume, level of interest and etc.

In case of approval, the student can start studying in the field of his choice by submitting the documents requested by the university.

The department is headed by Dr. Mehdi Farmanian and the political science department is managed by Dr. Hadi Beigi.

Academic Staff