URD Research Center leads URD’s entire research activities. We provide strategy and leadership, set the framework of conduct, champion opportunities for collaboration, develop synergies, and generally ensure that our research is relevant and beneficial to both the local community and for the nation’s advancement. In collaboration with local, regional, and international partners, we are helping to raise URD’s standing as a center of research excellence and Foster innovative interdisciplinary research as a university-wide enterprise that is aligned with the strategic mission of the university, and serve local and global communities by helping to solve challenges they face.

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The University has a vibrant interdisciplinary research culture drawing together outstanding academics in all areas of theology and the study of religions.


Meet some of the URD researchers working on several subject areas.


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Research Center for World Religions

Discover the Research Center for World Religion (RCWR), a community of researchers and programs covering a variety of substantive domains and exemplifying URD’s commitment to the highest standards of academic excellence and research innovation.