The University of Religions and Denominations has a research origin, because it has turned into a university from the “Institute of Research and Studies of Religions and Denominations “. Therefore, the educational support of this university is based on research topics, in such a way that every student, by stepping into the classroom, finds himself in the middle of research, an important part of which has been carried out by the professors of this university.

So far, hundreds of research and specialized projects and articles have been written and researched at the request of the Vice Presidency for Research, and more than a dozen projects are always under research and investigation.

URD Research Center leads URD’s entire research activities. We provide strategy and leadership, set the framework of conduct, champion opportunities for collaboration, develop synergies, and generally ensure that our research is relevant and beneficial to both the local community and for the nation’s advancement. In collaboration with local, regional, and international partners, we are helping to raise URD’s standing as a center of research excellence and Foster innovative interdisciplinary research as a university-wide enterprise that is aligned with the strategic mission of the university and serves local and global communities by helping to solve challenges they face.

Also, this university has two research institutes with the titles “Religions and Denominations ” and “Women and Family”. Implementing research projects and plans, holding scientific and educational courses, holding meetings and brainstorming sessions and interacting with the scientific community and experts and internal and external decision-making and policy-making institutions, and determining policies and strategies that can be used as practical documents and programs, and also presenting Expert advisor and suitable scientific and research services to researchers and financial support for them in the form of research projects are among the actions and goals of these research institutes.


The specialized library of the University of Religions and Denominations is a rare collection of sources and references for the study of religions and denominations in several languages in Iran and the region. This library provides free access to library resources through the open shelf system for rcholars and researchers inside and outside the university. The software of this library is connected to google book and nosa book. The most important books and periodicals available in this library are on the topics of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and primitive religions. Also, the important encyclopedias of Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism are among the important books of this library.

Currently, there are 150,000 Persian and Arabic books, 20,000 books in English and other Latin languages, 800 Persian magazine titles, 49 English magazine titles, 163,600 Persian article titles, 2,431 Persian thesis titles, 100 Latin thesis titles. And other scientific resources are available in the library.