Religious Inquiries Issue 20

Religious Inquiries Issue 20
Publication Date: March 2023
No: 20
YEAR: 2023
The Relationship between Veiling the Prophet’s Face in Iranian Painting of Safavid Era and Hurufism Beliefs

Pages 97-127


Mona Mirjalili Mohanna; Seyed Abolqasem Hosseini; seyed Mohamad Hosein Navvab

Comparative Analysis of Avestan and Zand Text of Visprad (Kardag 1-8)*

Pages 157-177


fateme sadat eshaghi; ehsan changizi; Mojtaba Monshizade

Fasts of the Manichaeans: Species, Number, Time, and Reason

Pages 205-227


Hadi Valipour; Mohammad Shokri- Foumeshi

Epistemology of Love according to Augustine and Ahmad Ghazali

Pages 285-312


Zeinab Ahghar; Bakhshali Ghanbari; Abdol-Reza Mazaheri

Tremendum of the Numinous: Assessing the View of Rudolf Otto and Transcendental Wisdom

Pages 313-335


mahdi qorbanzadeh; ali shirvani; mahdi lakzaei; mahdi alimardi