The translation of “New Age” book was unveiled with the presence of the president of URD


The book "New Age" written by Dr. Bart D. Arman, one of the contemporary religious thinkers, translated by Hossein Towfighi, was unveiled at the University of Religions and denominations.

کتاب «عهد جدید» ترجمه حجت‌الاسلام و المسلمین حسین توفیقی

According to the public relations report of the university: the new book of Hojjat al-Islam and Muslimeen Hossein Towfighi called “New age” (ahd-e-jadid) at the University of Religions and denominations with the presence of the president of the University of Hojjat al-Islam and Muslimeen Seyyed Abulhasan Nawab, the translator of the book and members of the faculty and professors of the University of Religions and denominations were unveiled appropriateness of the week of research.

In this ceremony, which was held under the effort of the research vice-chancellor of the University of Religions and denominations, Hujjatul-Islam wa Muslimeen Seyyed Abul Hassan Nawab, while thanking the activities of Hojjatul Islam and Muslimeen Hossein Towfighi about the religions, declared his new book is very important book in the subject of understanding Christianity.

Hojjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Towfighi, the translator of the book, also pointed out the importance of the book and its author and said: We should be grateful to the president of the university with a hight global vision and horizon who always try to do useful activities in the field of religions. This issue is one of the important and comprehensive issues of the world, which is in the heart of all human beings. Hujjat al-Islam wal-Muslimin Seyyed Abul Hasan Nawab is a person who, with lots of international travels, has made great efforts to be able make Islam and Shiism known in the world.  through scientific communication. This book has also come to result with the support and pursuance of the University of Religions and denomination, for which I thank all the people in this collection.

He continued: What has been done is the translation of a book by Dr. Bart D’Arman, who is really one of the famous and outstanding professors in the field of religions and theology. He is one of the contemporary thinkers of the world who is currently about 70 years old. Although he does not believe in religion, he has written valuable books about religions.

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