The founder of Religions and Denominations University said:

The issue of Gaza and murdering innocent Muslims has been not able to waking up humanity


The role of mothers is not able to compare with anything. The child cannot educate properly if weren’t in mother's hug.

According to the public relations report of the university, a group of professors and sister students of the Fatima University (PBUH) of Pakistan (Ali Abad Shagar) attended the Religions and Denominations University, met and talked with Hujjat ul-Islam wal Muslimin Seyyed Abul Hassan Nawab, the founder of university.

In this meeting, while introducing the Religions and Denominations University, Hojjat-ul-Islam wa Muslimeen nawab stated: This university belongs to you because most of the students of the Religions and Denominations University are non-Iranians.

He continued: Humanity is on a bad path. The issue of Gaza and killing of innocent Muslims still failed to waking up humanity. Of course, we hope that we can awaken the human conscience. Because if humanity does not wake up, the path of the world will become much more dangerous. Our duty is to try to wake up people against these crimes.

The founder of the Religions and Denominations University, in response to the question of how do you evaluate the future of religiosity in Pakistan, said: Pakistan is a Muslim country and some of the irreligion that you see will not remain. We have to provide economic work beside the religious work. People’s financial life should be secured and they should not be afraid of this issue. For many years, the Westerners have been trying to distance the Muslims of Pakistan from their religion with the investments they have made, but we have seen that the Muslims of Pakistan have preserved their religion. Because God will protect his religion.

Hojjat ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Nawab stated: “Woman is the main factor in maintaining the family.” A prophet is possible without a father, but not without a mother. Jesus Christ grew up in the bosom of the Holy Miriam. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) also grew up in the hug of a woman, and this shows the role of women in preserving religion. The role of mothers is not able to compare with anything. The child cannot educate properly if weren’t in mother’s hug.

He added in the end: The education of female clergyman is more important than the male ones. Because the male clergyman must study a lot to be someone. But if a woman studies for ten days, those ten days will have a great impact on her life and the people around her. Her family is the least referent of female clergyman. In fact; you have your special and close audience. Therefore, from my point of view, the creation and maintenance of sister seminaries is more important than brother seminaries, and its effects will be visible in the communities. Women are half of society and must defend their rights. What Islam says are women’s rights, not what Westerners say. You should read and learn well women’s rights.

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