About faculty

The permit for founding the Faculty of Languages and Cultures of Nations was officially issued in February 2018. The faculty started its activities since then and currently encompasses two departments of Arabic Language and English Language. The education is offered in the three languages of Persian, Arabic, and English. The Department of Arabic Language currently admits applicants for a master’s degree in Arabic Language and Literature and a PhD degree in Arabic Literature. The education will be offered on-campus. Research-based PhD programs are also offered in this faculty. In these programs, students are admitted after submitting their research proposals. Then, they conduct research under the guidance of their adviser(s). The on-campus or online form of the education is decided by the respective adviser.

This faculty also offers workshops and courses related to different language skills such as conversation in English, Arabic, and Spanish. In addition to the on-campus degree programs, online, open-to-public courses on Arabic and English languages are also offered by the Faculty of Languages and Cultures of Nations.

The graduates of this faculty can speak English and Arabic, in addition to teaching and translating from Persian to English and Arabic and vice versa. Graduates with a prior seminary background can also serve as preachers in Arabic- or English-speaking countries. The ability to conduct research in the field of language and linguistics is another outcome expected from the graduates of this faculty. These abilities hold equally for both Iranian and non-Iranian students at the end of the program.

The admission process is different with respect to international applicants and applicants with an Iranian citizenship. All of the applicants with an Iranian citizenship are admitted through an entrance exam. However, international applicants take no entrance exam, and instead, are required to submit their documentations to apply for their field of interest. The MA and PhD applications including the applicants’ CVs, level of interest, etc are reviewed by the faculty members of each field. If admitted, the applicant will proceed to registration by submitting the required documentations and start their desired program.

The chair of the Faculty of Languages and Cultures of Nations is Dr. Mohammad Javad Asghari. The heads of the Department of Arabic Language and the Department of English Language are Hasan Rahmani and Abolfazl Garibi, respectively.

Academic Staff