About faculty

The Faculty of Media and Communications is focused on managerial functions for promoting and developing creative media industries. With the emphasis on the role of media in communities and great economic, political, and social capabilities of the media, the faculty strives to teach the students how to managing the media. The aim is to train future managers capable of running a variety of media organizations in today’s competitive environments.

The importance of understanding the relation between media and religions or denominations is evident more than ever before. This is due to the prevalence of media and communication and their popularity among people and the role that religion plays in people’s lives. In response to this need, the faculty was established in the University of Religions and Denominations in order to study media-related issues from the perspectives of religions and denominations. In this way, research on media and communications from a religions or denominations standpoint is facilitated, and therefore, related academic studies will also draw more attention.

A main goal of the faculty is to train students who know very well the technological changes and are able to direct the media according to the desired macro objectives. The graduates of this faculty can take professional advisory/research positions in the area of media management. They will be able to manage media organizations aiming to influence positively the public opinion and dominate the media market. Also, the graduates of the faculty can both teach the courses of media management as faculty members or visiting professors, and conduct research in the field of media management.

The department of “Media Management” is currently the only department in the Faculty of Media and Communication. It offers a master’s and a doctorate degree in Media Management. The chair of the faculty is Dr. Seyed Mohammad Reza Navab, and the head of the department is Dr. Seyed Reza Sajjadinejad.

The languages of instruction in the Faculty of Media and Communication are Persian, Arabic, and English. The faculty holds scholarly, recurring meetings on subjects related to media and communication. The “Student Association of Media and Communications”, as one of the active associations of this faculty, holds various scholarly meetings and lecture series in the faculty.

All the degrees and programs are offered on-campus in this faculty. Currently, the faculty offers no online program.

Academic Staff