About faculty

 The Faculty of Quranic Studies is one of the largest faculties in the University of Religions and Denominations in terms of the number of international students. The Faculty began to admit students at the Department of Quranic Studies in 2021. The main focus hers is on the different areas related to the Quranic sciences.

Currently, the Faculty admits students to the MA program “Quranic Studies” and the PhD program “Quran and Hadith Studies”. The education is offered in the three languages of Persian, Arabic, and English at the Faculty of Quranic Studies. The faculty holds periodic seminars on subjects related to the Quranic studies.

The graduates of this faculty can teach as faculty members or visiting professors and conduct research in the field of religious studies, the study of world religions, and different branches of Quranic studies. Their research is published in the form of scholarly papers and thesis, which can serve as a big step to introducing new perspectives in Quranic Studies.

The programs are offered on-campus. Currently, there is no online program available for any degree in this faculty. Also offered in this faculty are research-based PhD programs, where, the students are admitted after submitting their research proposals. Then, they conduct research and write their thesis under the guidance of their adviser(s). The respective advisors decide whether the education should be on-campus or can be online.

Department of Quranic Studies is currently the only department in the Faculty of Quranic Studies. More Quranic departments will be added to this faculty in the near future. The Department of Quranic Studies offers two the programs “Quranic Studies”, and “Quran and Hadith Studies”. The chair of the faculty and the head of the department are Dr. Mohammad Maleki Nahavandi and Dr. Mohammad Taghi Ansaripour, respectively.

Academic Staff