The meeting of the requirements of academic research was held


The meeting of the requirements of academic research, a prerequisite for the publication of a research paper, was held

بایسته‌های پژوهش آکادمیک


The academic research meeting was held in the presence of Dr. Hamid Vahid-Dastjerdi, the head of the Analytical Philosophy Faculty of the IPM Research Institute, and the university president, Dr. Seyyed Abolhassan Nawab, and members of the faculty of the University.

In this meeting, Dr. Seyed Abolhassan Nawab said: University officials are trying to export intellectual output from the university. The best way is to send articles to foreign journals like ISI. This is the first time we have invited Dr. Vahid because his field is philosophy and he can help us in writing humanities articles.

In the continuation of this meeting, Dr. Hamid Vahid, while thanking the university president and other friends for the invitation, said: The main topic of my discussion today is about writing an article and publishing it in foreign journals and how to publish it.

My experience is in the field of humanities and I have personal experiences in this field. Of course, it is possible that other friends’ way of research and their situation are different from mine, and that is why I am trying to express general points in this field.

He continued: Research and investigation will be in the scope of the article and the international community. But you need to know when this research permission will be issued? According to intuitive differentiation, Cooper separates the essay between three levels of understanding.

The first one will give you a psychological feeling after you read the article. You will get an overview of the article. In the second step, you must express what you have understood. It is beyond the expression of the third stage. In the third stage, you have reached a level of understanding that you can criticize the read article. But there is a great step in between where you can disprove the theory.

Dr. Vahid said: The subject of our discussion is the ability to write and how to write an article. We have two types of knowledge. The knowledge of “that” and the knowledge of “how”; Because writing an article is not a theoretical discussion but also a practical one.

Experimental sciences have a linear and cumulative course. But in human sciences and especially philosophy, the problem of mind and body has always existed. Like the Greeks, we are still close to solving the problem of mind and body. If we were to summarize the progress, yes or no? The growth that will exist in philosophy will not be a linear growth, but a non-linear growth. Therefore, understanding the problem is the first word.


At the end of his speech, the head of the Analytical Philosophy Faculty of the IPM Research Institute said: Writing an article in the human sciences, especially philosophy, is not for answering, and it cannot be claimed to have answered anything. When writing philosophical articles, you should also pay attention to the history of the subject. Your mastery of the topic of discussion is very important for writing an essay. When you enter a subject, you must be aware of the sub-fields of that subject, because they are completely intertwined.

At the beginning, you need to explain what you want to do. Choose two important questions. These are the issues related to your first paragraph.

In the second paragraph, introduce the material and retell the important views and ideas in a critical manner. Some articles are just critical and there is no need for an explicit opinion. These articles are published by special journals.

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