The fifth meeting of scientific – promotional chairs was held


The fifth session of scientific-promotional chairs was held with the theme of absurdity and meaningful narrative of life with the presence of Dr. Vahid Sohrabifar as the presenter and Dr. Hamed Qadiri as the critic.

At the beginning of this meeting, Dr. Vahid Sohrabi called absurdity a serious issue and said: Absurdity is one of the serious philosophical issues that, in addition to philosophers, the general public is also concerned about.

He said: Various forms of absurdity have been presented. The aimlessness of the world is an expression of this problem. Everything in the world is calculated and every leaf that falls on the ground is based on a calculation.

Some philosophers claim that with recent advances we have learned that there is no such purposefulness and that we are not the center of the universe. There is evolution and we don’t have such calculations and books and it is not a goal. When the world is created without purpose, then our life is also without purpose.

Dr. Sohrabifar continued: Another formulation that has been expressed is based on the lack of rationality. Basically, we cannot speak on the basis of rationality that has no basis. Our decisions are based on criteria that are objective.

Another interpretation is that your desired world should not be the same as the real world. Because we are in a world where we have dreams and it is the real world that causes emptiness.

Somewhere, Camus says, “Absurdity arises when the world is coldly silent in front of you.” Your wish will not be fulfilled. Also, life is a pendulum in which your desires do not come true and when you achieve something, you see that it is absurd.

At the end of his presentation, Dr. Sohrabifar said: The third version is a failure. Our life is always accompanied by failure, and the emptiness is never forgotten. We have to see the meaning of life from the perspective of the narrative of life and not think about it. What are the characteristics of the narrative?

The narration does not have a propositional encounter. You cannot narrate when you talk about life. Narrative can be a reflection of this whole. Narration is selective. It makes the story understandable. If we don’t think that the meaning of life is based on the narrative of life, what does it have to do with emptiness? How far do we see life? Is there a world after death? Do you believe in God? If you accept such things, we can say that it is not the case that our desired world will never be the same as the world and existence. That is why we have alternative narratives.

In the continuation of this meeting, Dr. Hamed Qadiri said: We have accepted that the article of Mr. Dr. is a good article. This is our default. I am not optimistic about the meaningful issue and I will examine it from another point of view.

Why does the issue of meaning become a modern and important issue? Because we have an existential concern and we are meaningful. This work is not met with an answer and we try to find an answer for this meaning.

In the past, religion has always answered our questions and we have answers about it in the religion package. But in the modern age, religion cannot answer it, and the result is that meaning will be raised. The job of psychoanalyst and psychotherapy is to prevent this absurdity.

Traditional religion cannot answer this question. Narration is a fascinating issue. But it is an issue that is extremely complicated and we cannot easily go towards a narrative.

Dr. Ghadiri added: In the modern era, the pluralism that is formed is that there is no way to heaven. We are on the side of interweaving reality and narrative. Seeking meaning has been a human concern that has been answered with religion, and then in the 19th and 20th centuries, with the decline of religion in the modern world, it no longer had an answer for it.

At the end of his reviews, VD said: The article is moving forward. It is one of the few articles that follow this discussion seriously. The project is alive and getting better and better as it progresses. Of course, sometimes it feels like parts of it are half-finished and it can be seen as a general plan.

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