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Buy 1300 kind Book Titles from Beirut Book exhibition


1300 kind of topics such as Islamists, Islamic movements and acts, ISIL, the Brotherhood, the Druze, the Alawites, the Lebanese Christianity and the Judaism were purchased from the exhibition.

According to the University Public Relations Department, the Library of Religions and denominations, which has been founded since year 1375, has collected more than 140,000 specialized books so far and participates in one or two major international exhibitions every year to provide specialized resources. The library has so far participated in more than 5 large book exhibitions to produce original sources; Exhibitions such as Cairo, Delhi, Frankfurt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Recently, Mehdi Mohammadi Shojaee, director of library and publications at the University of Religions and denominations, participated in the Lebanese Book Fair along with a scientific delegation. To this end, we have arranged a conversation with them about this travel, which you will read below.

– What was the incentive to travel to Lebanon and participate in this exhibition?

Our main motivation for the company to provide the main resources of the countries from themselves; For example, we attended the Oman Exhibition last year and purchased all the resources of Abaziyah. This year we went to the Beirut Exhibition with the establishment of new disciplines at the university. Lebanon always has an important and valid place in the Arab world. It has long been a distribution of books in the Arab world. There is a ideom that says: “Books are written in Egypt, published in Beirut and read in Iraq.”

– How many books did you get in this exhibition?

In total, we have produced 1300 book with discounts of 40 to 50 percent, which we will be exposed to the audience soon.

The main themes that were bought at this exhibition were:

Islamists, Islamic movements and acts, ISIS, the Brotherhood of Al -Moselimen, the Druzi, the Alawites, the Lebanese Christianity, and the Judaism. Palestinian and Egyptian publishers are also produced good and usable works.

– What is the way to choose books to buy?

Since the library of the University of Religions and denominations is a specialized, we always use the professors of the same group to prepare books in different fields. For example, last year, we used Dr. Ibrahim Qasemi to buy Abbasiyeh books, who are the master of this field.

During the recent trip to Bachelor of Science and Book Selection, we were in the service of Dr. Abbas Khameyar, Vice President of Cultural-Social and Social Affairs of the University, and Dr. Mohammad Moeinifar, Vice President of Research at the University.

Dr. Khameyyar has had many years of experience in Beirut and is a specialist in Islamic movements, Islamists and Muslim Brotherhoods. I was also a library manager for final reviews.

– What is your overall evaluation of the Beirut Book Fair?

Our presence in this exhibition was only the preparation of first -hand books and sources. In general, the Beirut Book Fair in recent years was not ideal due to the economic -political problems as well as the explosion of the Beirut Port in which the explosion of the main building of the exhibition was destroyed. However, because Beirut is an important place to distribute the book and we can always find good resources there, we participated in this exhibition.

How can students and researchers from other scientific centers can use these resources?

The Library of the University of Religions and denominations is the Secretariat of the Specialized Assembly of Libraries of Qom Province, which has 52 members. All members of these libraries can use the university library. We have a contract with 25 universities of the country, whose members can also use our resources. In addition, all postgraduate students and researchers can use our collection by nominating the relevant university. The online library site of the University of Religions and denominations has been set up, with all the digital and all texts on this sit and. Everyone is allowed to enter

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