About faculty

The Faculty of History was established in 1400 as an independent faculty, consisting of the only department of “History of Islam”. The master’s and PhD programs of “History of Islam” were previously offered in the department of the History of Shiite Islam. The Faculty of History focuses on historical studies. Scholarly, just, unbiased, and yet critical knowledge of both global and Islamic history are specifically taught and researched in this department. The main focus of this faculty is to mentally prepare the students for a deep understanding of different phases of history. A main goal in this faculty is teaching the students so that they both obtain theoretical knowledge about different historical phases and a true understanding of the logic behind historical developments in different eras and parts of the world.

The faculty of History of Islam currently has only one department with the only field of “History of Islam” at MA and PhD degrees. However, other departments are being added to this faculty in the near future, including the department of History of Civilization, History of Science, and History of Shiite Islam. The medium of instruction in this faculty is Persian, Arabic, and English. The faculty also holds scholarly history-related meetings on a regular, timely basis. Moreover, under the support of the faculty officials and with active participation of the students, the faculty’s academic associations are about to start holding various scholarly meetings and lecture series on history-related topics, specially the history of Islam.

The graduates from the Faculty of History will be able to teach history courses as faculty members or visiting professors at universities. Moreover, they will be able to conduct academic research on different areas of history.

The admission process is different with respect to international applicants and applicants with an Iranian citizenship. All of the applicants with an Iranian citizenship are admitted through an entrance exam. However, international applicants take no entrance exam, and instead, are required to submit their documentations to apply for their field of interest. The MA and PhD applications including the applicants’ CV, level of interest, etc are reviewed by the faculty members of each field. If admitted, the applicant will proceed to registration by submitting the required documentations and start their desired program.

Both MA and PhD programs of this faculty are offered on-campus. No online program is available at this faulty. Regarding the PhD program, the students can choose between research-oriented and combined (research and coursework) methods. Regarding the research-only PhD programs, the students are admitted after their proposals are reviewed and accepted. Then, they work on their thesis under the supervision of their advisers. This stage can be performed on campus or remotely depending on the project and at the discretion of the adviser.

Dr. Sayed Mohammad Hoseini is the chair of the Faculty of History. The head of the department of History of Islam is Dr. Muhammad Hasan Moraveji Tabasi.

Academic Staff