With the presence of the university delegation;

The fifth president’s summit of Islamic world universities was held


The general topic of the 5th President’s summit of Islamic World Universities was "Destructive Technologies in the World" and held in two parts.

According to the public relations report of the university, the fifth president’s summit of the universities of the Islamic world was held in Pakistan with the presence of the delegation from Religions and Denominations University.

In this meeting, which was held on March 18, 2023, Dr. Hamed Shah Rafati, the director general of International Affairs, and Mr. Ibrahim Amini, Head of the Asia and Pacific Department, were present at the invitation of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to participate in the fifth president’s summit of universities in the Islamic world.

It should be mentioned that during the travel on Pakistan, which was conducted at the invitation of Allamah Iqbal University of Islamabad from Hujjat-al-Islam wal-Muslimeen Seyyed Abul Hasan Nawab and accompanying delegation on 11 February 2023, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan officially invited the honorable president of the university and the head of the Asia and Pacific Department to to participate in the fifth president’s summit of universities of the Islamic world, on one month ahead. During this trip, Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission named Religions University as its liaison in inviting Iranian universities for this summit.

The general topic of this summit was the disruptive technologies in the world and it was held in two main sections, the opening and the closing, with the topic: the way to progress in higher education in the Islamic world and removing obstacles on the way to higher education and opening the way for international students. Also, 8 parallel expert meetings were held in two sessions of 4 with various topics related to technology and higher education and ilmbank.

During this trip, the delegation of Religions and Denominations University met and talked with the Secretary General of ICESCO, the Chairman of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, the cultural attaché of Iran in Karachi, and the presidents and officials of many Pakistani and non-Pakistani universities. Also, this delegation visited COMSTS University, Nazir Hussain University of Karachi and Allameh Iqbal University (to follow up the protocol).

Achievements of the visit of Allameh Iqbal University are: the exchange of three professors on an annual basis, the establishment of a virtual Urdu language and literature course at the Religions and Denominations University jointly and the provision of degrees by two universities, the establishment of the Allameh Iqbal Research Chair for Islamic Studies With the support of two universities, coordination to facilitate the study of Pakistani students in Iran and the use of content and textbooks of Allameh Iqbal University.

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