The president of the university in Pakistan stated;

The Religions and Denominations University seeks to develop academic and religious elite connections with Pakistan


Hujat-ul-Islam-wal-Muslimin Seyed Abul Hassan Nawab, President of the Religions and Denominations University, has traveled to Pakistan with a delegation and while visiting the scientific and educational centers of this country, he is looking for the development of university relations and interaction between the scientific and religious elites of Pakistan.

توسعه همکاری با دانشگاه‌ها و نخبگان پاکستان

According to the university’s public relations report, the academic-university faculty of Iran headed by Hojat-ul-Islam-wal-Muslimin “Seyed Abul Hasan Nawab”, the head of the Religions and Denominations University, entered to “Lahore city”, the cultural heart of Pakistan.

This visit is done according to the official invitation of Allameh Iqbal open-University in Islamabad. Allameh Iqbal University is known as the largest open-University in Pakistan with more than 54 branches across the country.

The Iranian delegation met today in Lahore with “Mohammed Baligh Alrahman”, the governor of Punjab state. “Mehran Movahed Far”, Consul General of Iran in Lahore and “Jaafar Ronas”, head of our country’s culture house, were also present in this meeting.

Some senior officials of Pakistan’s educational field, including the president of Punjab University, the president of Fatemeh Janah Medical University, and the officials of several higher educational institutions also participated in this meeting and emphasized the necessity of synergy between the universities of the two countries, especially the exchange of professors and students.

The governor of Punjab, as the largest city of Pakistan, welcomed the Iranian delegation and praised the unique progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the scientific and research sectors said: we should try to increase the university interaction and cooperation between Iranian and Pakistan scientist elite beside the business development.

He added: Iran is old friend of Pakistan and its neighbor, and the capabilities of the two countries are considered a strong factor to help increase relations in all fields.

Criticizing the unilateral sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran, the governor of Punjab state added: The two countries are determined to develop bilateral cooperation, especially trade on the common borders.

Pakistan’s thinkers and intellectuals are shining everywhere

In this meeting, Hujat-ul-Islam-wal-Muslimin Seyed Abul Hassan Nawab, the head of the Religions and Denominations University, said: I never feel strange in my own country, Pakistan. I have visited Pakistan twice in the last year. I consider Pakistan a great country because I have seen Pakistan’s thinkers and intellectuals in every part of the world that I have visited. Pakistan’s intellectuals are active in America, United Nations, World Bank and all international organizations. Pakistan’s doctors also have a special place in America and Europe. In Iran, Pakistanis also work in the Eco organization. The presidents of the universities who are present in this gathering should be proud of themselves that they play an effective role in the growth and expansion of science in the world and that Pakistan’s thinkers and intellectuals shine brightly everywhere.

He further added: Unfortunately, scientific relations between Iran and Pakistan are not up to expectations. We can use this capacity more. Allameh Iqbal Open University has been active in the field of education in virtual space since 50 years ago and has played an important role in spreading science to villages and faraway areas. Many housewives in Pakistan became literate from Allameh Iqbal University and many efforts were made to raise the scientific level of Pakistan.

In his speech, the president of the Religions and Denominations University said: We are ready to raise the scientific relations of the two countries to a higher level and to raise the scientific rank of the two countries together.

He added: We Muslims were superior in all sciences, but unfortunately we lost this position. When we had Bu Ali Sina, etc., the world was deprived of science. These are all successes in the field of humanities. The Iranian delegation that is present in this meeting includes thinkers of humanities.

This official continued: The Religions and Denominations University has experts in all fields of religions and Denominations of the world, and we are ready to talk with all religions and Denominations of the world.

At the end of his speech, he said: Universities of Iran and Pakistan should expand bilateral scientific relations and enter into practical measures, and considering the common and abundant cultural capacities of the two countries noticed the religions and Denominations University is ready to carry out practical measures to help promote Scientific and academic relations, especially in the field of humanities.

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