The head of the parliament's human rights commission stated;

Muslim woman’s identity is one of the serious challenges of the society


Ms. Dr. Zohra Elahian, a member of the Islamic Council from Tehran constituency, said: "Unfortunately, we did not perform well in some areas, one of these areas is identity building for women in the society." This lack of work has made the identity of Muslim women one of the serious challenges of our society Muslim woman's identity.

اولویت‌های سیاست‌گذاری مسائل زنان

According to the university’s public relations report; The representative of Tehran Constituency in the Islamic Council and the head of the Human Rights Committee of the Islamic Council, Mrs. Dr. Zohra Elahian attended the University of Religions and denominations and met with the university officials and participated and gave a speech in the scientific meeting “Policy-making priorities of women’s issues”.

While expressing his happiness at attending the University of Religions and denominations and his condolences on the occasion of the Fatimid days and the martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her), he said: Women in our country have achieved many things. In this regard, there are statistics of the effective presence of women in the society and their achievements, which has been achieved in the shadow of freedom and respect for women’s rights in the country.

He continued: What the West is publishing in its media is nothing more than a lie, because if there was an obstacle, such achievements would not have been achieved. When I spoke about these achievements in various gatherings, it was unimaginable for them to believe such statistics of their presence and influence in different parts of society, especially in scientific parts.

Dr. Elhian stated: The new measures that the West has started against the Islamic Republic of Iran are a combined war and all-round pressure on the country. What happened regarding Iran’s expulsion from the UN Women’s Commission was also a part of this combined war. These resolutions and such moves by the US are not strange, they are always looking for openings to put pressure on the country and the people of Iran.

He stated: The issue of women’s rights has always been one of the issues that the enemies have focused on to attack Iran. In one of the reports that received, it was stated that in 40 western think tanks, about 90 articles were produced on the women’s revolution in Iran. They have considered the next revolution in Iran to be the women’s revolution and they want to attack us in this way. It seems that they have been looking for an opportunity since the past to be able to use a subjective issue such as “women’s rights” against the Iranian nation.

The representative of the Islamic Council of Tehran emphasized: Human rights are also a tool for advanced countries to use it as a tool to pressure their opposing countries. What they have done unjustly many times regarding Iran. In recent months, 4 resolutions have been issued against Iran under the pressure of America. As I mentioned, these resolutions are part of the combined war that the West has started against Iran in international forums to isolate Iran.

He continued: Another part of this combined war is the significant activities of the spy services of hostile countries around our country. The arrested terrorist groups as well as the weapons discovered from them show their serious and planned move to attack the country. The confessions of the arrested persons indicate the omnipresence of spy services around Iran.

The representative of Tehran city said: Unfortunately, we were not successful in some issues and could not perform well. One of these issues is identity building for today’s women. The identity of a Muslim woman is one of the serious challenges of our society, and today’s young people are more involved to this issue. Our new generation has no identity. The reason for this lack of identity is that we have not worked in this field and this challenge is due to the weakness of education in the country. We did not teach our students who they are and how each person relates to the universe in general. This shortcoming of ours has caused us to face a generation that has no commitment to obligations such as family, country, education, etc.

He continued: The Imam (RA) presented a comprehensive theory for the Islamic revolution and the country, which was formed based on the wisdom and vision of the Imam. We could not define this comprehensive theory in macro systems. For example, based on Imam’s theory, we could not say what is the philosophy of health? Our health system should not be derived from western systems that focus only on the human body. Islam considers man to have dimensions and one of its dimensions is the body; Soul, imagination and mind are other aspects of human being which by the way have a great influence on physical and mental health of human being. This is while the West, when it talks about spiritual health, puts it forward in the service of physical health. In the Islamic system, we must explain additional philosophies on the basis of Islam and the views of Imam Khomeini (RA) in the Islamic Revolution, and the laws we formulate must be placed in this framework.

In response to the question why, after forty years of the revolution, the laws that are passed in the parliament are still hastily and intermittently, Dr. Elhian said: It is not like that, the laws that are passed in the parliament are not and have not been hastily passed. . The same laws that are being reviewed regarding family and women were written many of years ago and many experts were used to write and even review them in the parliament. But unfortunately, every positive thing that is done in the country is faced with a media attack and is questioned. Anyway, the laws that are formulated in the country will be with the consultation and use of experts. Now, of course, sometimes due to the existence of some basic problems, a series of laws have been passed hastily and quickly, but it is not the case that all laws are like this.

He continued: The important point in this case is the laws that passed in country should be like the  Iranian-Islamic society which the west not accept it and always looking to delete it and make hubbub about it.

The member of women’s faction of parliament to the question why there is no way for discussion answered: the discussion door always is open and country liable especially ayatollah khameneie emphasized on that several time. Liberality chairs is for this but it seems that there is no such receive of it and ayatollah khameneie has argued why there is no good attention to Liberality chairs.

She thanked of religion and denomination university activities about religions discussion and women rights at the end.

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