Department of Study of Religion
Faculty of Religions

Department of Study of Religion

The scientific group (department) of the study of Religion (or Religious studies) is one of the first scientific groups of the Faculty of Religions, which has been established more than two decades ago. Religious studies is a new and systematic interdisciplinary field that emerges from the historical and comparative study of religion and deals with the outsider, none conventional , methodical, non-apologetic study of religion and religiosity with different approaches.
Students entering one of the department’s master’s or doctoral programs take new courses with new different approaches to religion such as sociology, anthropology, phenomenology, theology, philosophy, feminist, historical, and problem-solving. This variety of approaches helps them to be more open in choosing the topic of their dissertation and thesis and to make choices according to their interests.
Over the course of more than two decades, this scientific group has succeeded in having many graduates and postgraduates in both master’s and doctoral degrees, some of whom are now working as professors and faculty members of the university in Iran and abroad.
Course titles in both disciplines were reviewed in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran, in order to be updated and to eliminate the problems that appeared during the implementation of the topics.
Soon another doctoral program entitled “Cultural Sociology of Religion” will be added to the scientific disciplines of this department.
The department also started to accept those who like to apply for what we call it research- based doctoral degree which needs not candidates to participate is all the classes and pass the whole course titles or unites. For more information refer to research-based PhD application’s tab.
The faculty members of the department whose names are listed below all have a history of higher education in the shi’ite Islamic seminaries and at the different national and foreign universities. In terms of rank and scientific expertise, the Department of Religious Studies is honored to have full professors, associate professors and assistant professors and top visiting professors of Iran and some good universities of other countries.
We welcome all candidates from all around the world. For those who don’t know Persian language, the English also is enough.

Bagher Talebi Darabi,
Chair of the Department