Department of Religion and Art
Faculty of Religion and Art

Department of Religion and Art

The Department of Religion and Art is the only department in the Faculty of Religion and Art. Since the existing programs of the department are theoretical, topics of the relation of religion and art, analysis and criticism of artistic works especially religious works, and methodology of research are of high importance for the department. Due to the importance of mysticism in art, another major topic in this department is the study of theoretical mysticism and its relationship with art.

The department offers 3 graduate programs to the applicants to choose from: MA programs of “Philosophy of Art” and “Wisdom of Islamic Art”, and PhD program of “Wisdom of Religious Arts”. Dr. Ebrahim Bazargani is the head of the Department of Art.

The content and the courses offered in the different programs of the department have a theoretical approach toward religion. The philosophical foundations of aesthetics in the history of philosophy, historical and theoretical studies of art and beauty in different philosophical schools, and the history of art especially the history of art in religions are among the topics taught in this department.