Political science

Political science

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The “Political Science” field at the master’s  is a complete educational course, in accordance with the regulations and approvals of the Supreme Planning Council of the Ministry of Science, Research’s and Technology of Iran, in which the recognition and analysis of political activities, political thoughts, the constitution related to political act.

Political science was established as a separate discipline as one of the sub-branches of social sciences not so long ago. However, the term political science has not always been a distinct term from political philosophy, and this new field incorporates a set of Specified old methods. For this reason, the study of politics in general and the study of political science in particular is very important.

Entry into this major is through the entrance exam of non-consecutive master’s courses from the collection of political science and international relations. Graduates of this fieldq, can teaching in universities and higher education centers in addition of teaching in practical and academic centers, and can do research.

Having a bachelor’s degree or equivalent is enough to study in this field. This document must be approved by the Iranian consulate in the country that issued it. Foreign students applying to study in this field can study in this field regardless of their bachelor’s degree. Based on this, any person who has studied outside of Iran with any kind of field of study at the bachelor’s level can study in this course if they have the academic qualification and the agreement of the faculty members of the scientific department. Of course, having books, scientific and journalistic articles and being interested in participating in these fields can be influential in the approval of the faculty of the group.

The duration of the “Political Science” master’s course is 2 years and equal to 4 half academic years. The length of each semester is equal to 16 weeks and the hours of lessons based on each unit are one hour per week. according to the educational group,if the 2-year period is not enough to pass compensatory courses or finish the thesis, a maximum of two and a half years will be added to the two-year educational period. “Political Science” master’s program, the master’s course of each field includes 32 units, of which thirty-two units; 4 units are assigned to the thesis and the rest of the units are assigned to compulsory and optional specialized courses. The student is required to pass all the main units and the thesis, as well as according to the bachelor’s degree in which he graduated, however many units of compensatory courses at the discretion of the educational department.

The main courses taught in the field of political science is including some Courses such as “Political Jurisprudence”, “Political Sociology”, “New Theories in Political Science”, “Political Thoughts in Iran and the Islamic World”, “Marxism Issues Seminar”, “Third World Countries Issues Seminar” and “Research Methods in “Political science”. Also, courses such as “Iran and liberation movements from the Second World War”, “Non-Committal Movement”, and “Government Developments in the Middle East” are included among the optional courses of this field.