It was examined with the speech of Dr. Khameyar;

The religious teachings place in the educational system of the Islamic Republic of Iran


 The Conference on Religious Sciences and the Necessity of Orientation to National Identity was held With Dr. Khameyar's speech in East of Beirut.

According to the university’s public relations report, Dr. Abbas Khameyar, cultural and social vice president of Religions and Denominations University, participated at the regional conference “Religious Sciences and the Necessity of National Identity Orientation” organized by the ” Tammuz Christian Center of Studies and Research” in the Christian city of Jobail in Lebanon. It was held for two days in East of Beirut.

The vice president of social culture of the university presented a topic “Religions in the university system of our country, with an emphasis on the Religions and Denominations University” and gave a speech to the students and professors of various Lebanese universities with different religious orientations and also introduced the role of religious teachings in the educational system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially in the Religions and Denominations University, and answered to the questions of the attendees.

While referring to the history of the establishment of the Religions and Denominations University, its structure and educational system, Dr. Khameyar analyzed in detail the importance and position of the religious education system in domestic and Western universities, intellectual and cultural developments, and the view of system to the necessity of dialogue between the followers of different religions and the rapprochement of religions.

This conference was held on Friday and Saturday, May 19th and 20th in Beirut, and the first day of conference topics were: “Religious sciences in the direction of national identity”, “Philosophy and religion” and “Religious sciences, opportunities and methods.

On the second day were examined the “Religious sciences in Christianity and Islam”, “Religious sciences and their teaching in the Arabic world” and “Religious sciences in the Arabic and Islamic world and their comparison in the past and today”.

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