With presence of scientific and cultural figures;

Honoring ceremony of Iraqi graduates was held in Karbala city for the first time


The honoring ceremony of Iraqi graduates from Religions and Denominations University was held at Ahl-al-Bayt University of Iraq (Karbala city).

According to the university’s public relations report, the honoring ceremony for the Iraqi graduates of the Religions and Denominations University was held on 4 and 5 May, 2023 at Ahl-al-Bayt University in Karbala. A significant number of students participated in this ceremony, which was attended by various Iranian and Iraqi officials.

To hold this ceremony, two groups of 5 members of the Cultural Vice-Chancellor arrived in Iraq on Monday, May 1, and from Tuesday they settled in Ahl-al-Bayt University and made preparations for the implementation of the program.

The second group, which consisted of honorable assistants and some officials related to the graduates, entered Iraq on Wednesday, May 3. The ceremony started with Qoran and the national anthem of Iran and Iraq were read, and continued respectively by presenter, speech of Dr. Faras Al-Ghanami (representative of the founding board), speech of Dr. Khame Yar (Deputy for Social and Cultural Affairs of Religions and Denominations University), speech of Dr. Seyed Abolhasan Nawab (President of the Religions and Denominations University), speech of Dr. Mohsen Qazvini (President of Ahle Beyt University).

The best students were awarded with Appreciation and medal of the best student at the end of this ceremony.

On the second day, the ceremony began with Quran and the explanation of the program by the presenter. In this meeting, the report of the program of the founding board and the drafting of the constitution of the Iraqi graduates was presented by the representative of the graduates, Mr. Faras Al-ghanami and Dr. Khame Yar.

In the continue of ceremony, it was consist of questions and answers of students with the officials and vice-presidents of Religions and Denominations University, about issues and problems which are affecting students, including education, student affairs, consular affairs, etc. Also, all non-Iranian graduate students in the destination country were honored at the end of the ceremony for the first time.

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