The president of Religions and Denominations Universty emphasized in a…

No intellectual and moral system can justify the desecration of sacred


Hujjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimeen Seyyed Abul Hassan Nawab in the statement condemning the recent insults to the Holy Quran.

حجت الاسلام و المسلمین سید ابوالحسن نواب

According to the university’s public relations report; The full text of the statement of the president of the Religions and Denominations University is as follows:

In the name of God, the most merciful the most kind

We send down from Qur’an which is the healing and merci to those who believe and doesn’t add anything to infidels except the loss.

The frequent and planned insults of some European citizens towards the holy Qur’an, beyond the unwise individual actions, show the hatred and anger of political and cultural agents in the West, which in the new age of secularism and secularization  marginalized religion from the text, They witness the growing commitment of Muslims to their religion and sacred sanctities and their efforts to bring religion to the stage, an event that is progressing both in the Islamic world, and even in Western countries, has become a reason of inflame for the anti-religionists.

Undoubtedly, these disgusting behaviors, which are certainly pleasing to many western citizens, violate the privacy of religion and morality, and do not fit with any level of human rights. And naturally no intellectual and moral system can justify the violation of those sacred things, considering the sensitivity of Muslims who have become an important and influential component in America and Europe today, out of sacred of everything that goes back to the god, which human principle knows legal and accept the arousing of this sensitivity?

The Religions and Denominations University, while condemning these disgusting behaviors that happen in front of the security institutions of European countries, warns the Western governments of the uncontrollable consequences of these atrocities and mention that these behaviors before making weak the Muslim and their religious beliefs, passion turns as a cause and sign to life continuance and dynamism of Islam and Muslim by arousing religious.

Seyyed Abul Hasan Nawab

The president of Religions and Denominations University

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