The President of the Religions and Denominations University stated;

The constitution is the covenant of the nation; the rioters cannot seek the constitutional change


The law is a sacred word because it refers to civilization, the progress of the people and society.

قانون اساسی

According to the University Public Relations, Hojat-ul-Islam_wal-Muslimin Sayyed Abolhassan Nawab, President of the Religions and Denominations University, at the celebration of the assembly Day and the approval of the Constitution, and also appreciation of the top students of the law Faculty at the Religions and Denominations University, while honored Iranian and Iraqi guests said: “The constitution is an important issue that all countries around the world are working on it.” No country without a constitution and basically law can be exists, and this is one of the basic things of all countries in the world.

He continued: “I should say generally, the law is a sacred word because it refers to civilization, the progress of the people and the society.” Wherever is talking about the law, it will be in fact disciplined. That is why the word seems to be beautiful to all human beings. Even criminals who are arrested by law enforcement agencies for the sake of lawlessness and violation of the rights of others and society are demand to act with them by law. They seek their rights by law. They give themselves some rights in law. However, these people may have done the most catastrophic operations.

The university president said: That “all individuals, who are good people, and who endanger society and people of society because of their lawlessness, know the law as a favorable thing shows legitimacy of law.” So we can say that the law is a divine word for both good and criminal people.

He continued: The constitution of each country is the covenant of that country and nation and it cannot be easily changed. However, this is not true to say that the constitution is home revelation and cannot be changed. It is not at all, but the constitution, although it is the basis of a country, may require reform, but this reform will not be easy and implemented and important issues should be consider as it considered in our constitution. So amending the constitution itself is a legal process.

Sayed Abolhassan Nawab said: These days some people who are on the streets of the country and are destroying public and personal property and disturbance. Are demanding that the constitution be changed. It is very clear that the constitution is not possibleto change with these behaviors, and as the constitutional amendment, it requires a specific procedure that considered in the constitution.

He continued: “This dedicated to our country and the constitution of our country.” But if we look at the constitution of other countries, we will see the same. For example, the United States, which may be the heaven of a lot of this people, is the same. The US Constitution has been 150 years ago and its constitution has not changed yet. Yes, it has been reform and supplement but has not changed.

The head of the Religions and Denominations University explained: Some say that the generation has changed and this constitution of country is for the previous generation. In response to these people, we have to say that are the generation has changed only in Iran? This has happened all over the world, but in none of these countries constitution has been changed.

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