The role of Shia in solving today's human crises;

The first specialized webinar of Shia Studies Student Association


The role of Shia in solving today's human crises: Mr. D.r Sohail Asad, regarding the position of Shia and the Shia school, can it be possible to get out of the current crises that humanity is dealing with, first of all, they raised some points as an introduction, including that the crises are the product and result of a phenomenon. They are the cause and effect of crisis and other phenomena.

Today, crises are divided into three categories:

  1. Security crises
  2. economic crisis
  3. Health crises

Security overshadows all human priorities.

Health crisis is both the health of the body and the health of the soul

In the type of worldview, also paid attention to crises

If this worldview becomes a wrong system and then wrong social structure and wrong behavior, it will lead to the implementation of materialistic and wrong way of thinking in society and common society.

Separation in different dimensions causes crisis, which can be managed by many crises if considered as a community.

Islam stayed towards it’s followers and the people In order to resolve crises

Any system or any society, if it wants to move alone in solving crises, it is weak and fail.

The only solution to solve the world’s crises is the right leader with the right nation management and moving towards the realization of the possible goals.

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