Armenian Ambassador met with Seyed Abolhasan Navab at the URD

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Armenian Ambassador met with Seyed Abolhasan Navab at the URD
Armenian Ambassador met with Hujat al-Islam Seyed Abolhasan Navab at the University of Religions and Denominations.

According to the Public Relations Office of the university, Arsen Avagian, said: “I had heard a lot about the city of Qom and the University of Religions and Denominations. Today, I am honored to have traveled to this city, the spiritual capital of Iran, in my first business trip as the Armenian ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran.” The Armenian ambassador added: “upon entering the University of Religions and Denominations, I felt very good. When I visited the library of the university and saw books of every religion and denomination. I became even more interested in staying connected with this academic center and creating a link between this specialized library and the libraries in Armenia.”

Arsen Avagian invited Hujat al-Islam Navab to Armenia and added “we undoubtedly seek to expand and strengthen our relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran; the city of Qom and the University of Religions and Denominations can play a crucial role in deepening the relations between the two countries.”

He thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for adopting rational positions on Armenia and mentioned: “the Armenians of Iran have been living here for years with total freedom. No Armenian citizen of Iran has been under pressure for their religion or nationality. The Armenians of Iran can serve as good communication bridges between the two countries.”

Ambassador Avagian pointed to the Iran’s assistance in reconstruction of historical places and mosques in Armenia and said: “with the help of the Islamic Republic of Iran and with the supervision of Iranian specialists, these mosques have turned into active centers and this change is of great importance to Armenia.”

He also presented a report on the relationship between Iran and Armenian scientific and cultural centers and added: Armenian universities have signed memorandums of academic cooperation with many Iranian universities. We are highly interested to sign a memorandum of cooperation with URD as one of the most respected universities in Iran.

At the beginning of this visit, Hujat al-Islam Navab welcomed the Armenian ambassador and the accompanying officials, saying: “Christianity and Islam are neighbors both spatially and temporally. The Quran remembers the followers of Prophet Jesus with respect. Muslims’ respect for Lady Mary (PBUH) and Prophet Jesus (PBUH) is exceptional. We see that the second popular name for girls, after the holy name of Lady Fatemeh Zahra (PBUH), chosen by Muslims is the sacred name of Maryam.

He continued: Armenians, as a nationality and a religion, are very much fond of Iran. They have always accompanied Iran in tough situations. Also today, they have a very good, strong relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and this is a historical relation. Valued Armenian martyrs were sacrificed for elevation of the Revolution and the sacred Islamic Republic of Iran. The Iranian-Armenians living in the United States have formed a very powerful lobby for Iran. We have never had any problem with the people of Armenia and the governments which have come to power though people’s votes.

Referring to the presence and enrollment of over 16 thousand students from 35 countries of the world, the President of URD mentioned: “all countries have universities to learn about their own religion. However, the only university where all of the religions in the world are studied is the University of Religions and Denominations, which is in Iran. Here at URD, we are also ready to admit Armenian students.”

Noting that more than 500 foreign delegations have already visited URD, he mentioned: “the international relations office of the university is very active, we have met with most of the ambassadors of the world here at the university. We have also held many joint programs with the reputed universities of the world. We are ready to expand our relations with the universities and academic centers of the Republic of Armenia.

This meeting was held in the office of the President of the University of Religions and Denominations in the presence of Hujat al-Islam Dr. Taskhiri, the Deputy of Communications and International Affairs of the university, Galip Gregorian, the second secretary of the embassy of Armenia to Iran, and Hujat al-Islam Shah-Raf’ati, the head of the Office of Scientific and International Collaborations of the University of Religions and Denominations.


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