Iraqi ambassador to Iran met with the president and the schools’ chairs of the URD

Dr. Abdulmuhsen Abdullah, Iraqi ambassador to Iran, and the cultural attaché of Iraq met with the president and the schools’ chairs of the University of Religions and Denominations. According to the university’s Public Relations Office, meeting with the Iraqi ambassador and cultural attaché at Imam Musa Sadr Hall of the university, President Hujat al-Islam Sayed Abulhasan Navab stated: “we are proud that most of our international students are from Iraq. It is only 3 years since we started admitting Iraqi students; however, we have had a successful experience in our collaboration with them.”

He continued: “since this is a private university, students can interact with the staff and professors easily; Iraqi students have a convenient access to everyone.” Referring to previous meetings with the Iraqi ambassador in the embassy of Iraq and also emphasizing the positive relations between the two countries, he mentioned: “currently, there is no issue requiring the assistance of the Iraqi embassy. The reason why we invited you today is to report to you on the educational status of our Iraqi students.”

The President of the University of Religions and Denominations referred to the 13 schools of the university and added: “we have Iraqi students in all our schools; however, their number varies. The number of Iraqi students is higher than that of other nationalities in the schools of Law, Media, Quranic Studies, Arabic Language and Literature, and History of Islam. Sometimes, they are even several times higher than Iranian students. In fact, it is as though some of these schools belong to the Iraqi students.”

The Iraqi ambassador also expressed pleasure attending the University of Religions and Denominations, saying: “we have good interactions and agreements with Iran. The embassy of Iraq is always crowded due to the high volume of political, social, commercial, and travel interactions with Iran, which is good.” He pointed to the positive and developing political interactions of the two countries, emphasizing: “my colleague friends and I are committed to serve Iranians.”

Nasir Adbulmuhsen Abdullah stated that the University of Religions and Denominations played a key role in the education of Iraqi students and said: “many Iraqis contact us every day regarding studying at the University of Religions and Denominations. It shows a great enthusiasm of the Iraqi students for this university.” At the end, he added: “since I work at the embassy, I am aware of the problems of Iraqi students, thus will help facilitate their education as much as I can.”

Also in the meeting, Dr. Amjad Almuzafar, the cultural attaché of Iraq, commended the positive, scientifically effective relations between the two countries and said: “our cooperation with the Iranian universities is more in the administrative and consular affairs that Iraqi students face with; however, we do not intervene with the internal matters of the Iranian universities.”

Later, the chairs of the schools introduced their school, programs, and concentrations offered at the MA and PhD levels. They also presented a report of the educational status of Iraqi students to the ambassador of Iraq. The two sides, at the end of this meeting, granted memento gifts to each other.

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