Media management

Media management

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The PhD program in Media Management is a comprehensive educational package in line with the regulations and decisions made by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology of Iran. As a branch of Management, this program develops the field of media management in the area of media industry challenges. The aim of creating this PhD program is to train media researchers, lecturers, and advisors who, with up-to-date knowledge of media organizations, are able to study various successful/unsuccessful organizations in the media industry and examine the reasons for their success or failure. They are also expected to obtain the research skills necessary to enhance the functionality of media organizations. Therefore, media management is in fact the economic management of a media organization, which deals with concepts such as the business model, competition strategies, creative workforce management, advertisement management, marketing management, production, distribution and supply management, resources and value chain management, audience management, etc.

The media industry covers a wide range of sections. In the traditional, older categorization, the industry included television, radio, newspaper, magazines, books, and cinema. However, with the advent of modern technologies and pervasiveness of mobile media, the scope of media management has expanded to other sections including social media platforms and ecosystems. Today, the main focus is on internet and mobile media. The program also covers the influential trends and developments resulting from new technologies such as big data, software applications, digital and social games, and many other new developments. In fact, the mission of this PhD program is to study the latest achievements resulting from the information and communications technologies. The graduates of this program are expected to be able to use their acquired knowledge and latest technologies in a successful approach to management of media organizations.

Through obtaining the required educational and research skills, the graduates of this program can teach media planning and media management at universities and media organizations. They can also work as researchers and advisors in the area of media management.

  • Total cost of the course for Iranian students who are admitted through the national entrance exam or internal university exam (2021-2022): 60 thousand dollars (The fee covers the student’s educational costs and does not include living expenses such as food and accommodations.

The applicants must submit the following documents to apply for the PhD programs (research-only) at the University of Religions and Denominations:

  • A completed application form.
  • An electronic copy of the passport or a valid residence permit (for the on-campus students).
  • An electronic copy of the bachelor’s and master’s degree or their equivalent and a certified Persian, English, or Arabic translation of the transcripts.
  • A recently taken photo of the applicant, size 30x40mm.
  • Applicant’s CV, indicating education and work experience.

By clicking on the “Apply now” button next to each program, you will be transferred to the registration portal, where you can upload and submit your application documents. Your application will not be complete until all the required items are submitted.