Department of Non-Abrahamic Religions
Faculty of Religions

Department of Non-Abrahamic Religions

Another department in the Faculty of Religions is the department of non-Abrahamic religions. The department offers a master’s program in non-Abrahamic religions. The Department of non-Abrahamic religions focuses on understanding the religions of the Far East and India. The contents and courses offered in this field of study have a theoretical and methodological approach to the religions in the Far East.

The contents taught in the department of non-Abrahamic religions include Hinduism, Buddhism, the philosophical facultys of China, and the philosophical facultys of Iran. 

The thought atmosphere among the religions of the Far East is different from that of the Abrahamic religions (as the religion of most students in this department). Therefore, teaching research methodology is a main priority of this department. The head of the department of non-Abrahimc religions is Dr. Mahdi Lakzayi.