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URD and PLU Put Their MOU into Practice

Published: 2016/05/31    

URD and PLU Put Their MOU into Practice

In order to put the mutual scientific and research MOUs into practice, the heads of the universities of URD and Pontifical Lateranense held a joint meeting again.

Dr. Navvāb and S.E.R. Mons. Enrico dal Covolo, presidents of URD and PLU, met on Wednesday May 11th to put into operation the memorandum of understanding they signed on the last April 11th. During the meeting Covolo, accompanied by his three faculty members, pointed to the human sciences that are going to be neglected in the universities of the world. "In this regard" he also added "universities like URD and PUL should extend hands to survive this branch of science that is being overshadowed by industrial ones. In this meeting Dr. Navvāb also expressed his institute, s extensive preparedness for expanding such cooperation with its Italian counterpart. At the end of this meeting the Italian delegation took part in a lunch feast held by URD in their honor.

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