Austria Welcomes Cooperation with URD

The Austrian ambassador to Iran met with Hujat al-Islam Sayed Hasan Navab at the University of Religions and Denominations.

According to the Public Relations Office of the university, Austrian ambassador Wolf Dietrich Heim and the accompanying delegation met with Hujat al-Islam Navab and exchanged views on different areas of academic and international cooperation.

Hujat al-Islam Navab underscored the role of the Republic of Austria in the interfaith dialogue and emphasized the importance of developing academic and international cooperation between the University of Religions and Denominations and the renowned universities of Austria. He expressed hope that the presence of Austrian ambassador at the university will further strengthen such cooperation.

The President of the University of Religions and Denominations emphasized the need for developing international scholarly cooperation with other countries, saying: “Austria is an important party in Iran’s academic cooperation in Europe. Many universities in Iran have had long-term cooperation with the renowned universities of Austria.”

Ambassador Wolf Dietrich Heim also expressed happiness being present at URD and said: “the University of Religions and Denominations is the leading university in Iran focusing on the interfaith dialogue; the university has become a pioneer in the international relations among other Iranian universities. Austrian Government welcomes scholarly cooperation with this scholarly institute.”

The Austrian Ambassador expressed that the Austria was interested in developing international relations and considered universities as one of the best centers to reach this goal, and added: “we welcome cooperation with the University of Religions and Denominations.”

During the meeting, the two sides discussed how to establish scholarly collaborations between the Austrian universities and the University of Religions and Denominations through exchanging professors/students and holding joint educational/research programs.

Also, Dr. Taskhiri, the head of the Department of Scientific and International Cooperation of URD presented a report of the scholarly and international activities of the university.

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