The first winter course in Shia studies was held in the winter of 1399 with the help of the management of scientific and international cooperation of the University of Religions and Denominations.

Winter school is an activity in which all students are physically present in a consortium city for a certain period of time (usually two weeks) to improve their skills, knowledge and competencies. This year, due to coronary heart disease and the impossibility of holding a winter school in person, all classes have been held intensively and online.
One of the main goals of the Winter School of Religions is to educate students who are familiar with new theological issues related to religions. To this end, the Winter School of Religions tried to hold four courses in English and Spanish, depending on the facilities available and the audience.
The Winter School of Religions was held in three courses and virtually.

first course:
Professor: Professor von Ashtos Professor of Comparative Theology at the University of Paderborn
Topic: Ecclesiology of sacred mirrors

Second course:
Professor: Professor Margarta Gruber Professor of Catholic Theology at Vallendar University
Topic: Paul in the New Testament
Speaker: Professor Hans Ulrich Weidmann Professor of Theology at the University of Tübingen
Topic: Paul in the New Testament

Third course:
Professor: Dr. Hamed Fayyazi Professor of Shiite Studies at the University of Religions and Religions
Topic: Doctrine of Imamate