Introduction to Christianity

This book delves into the historical context, origins, development, beliefs, and diverse sects within Christianity, spanning from its inception to the present day. The author draws upon fifteen years of extensive research and teaching experience in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Indiana to present this comprehensive work.

In her own words, the author describes the book as follows: “The strength of this book has been its usefulness and flexibility; it is also written for students and is quite readable. We have tried to set forth the historical development of the Christian tradition in lucid prose that presents a clear narrative without oversimplification. At the same time, we have tried to pose correctly the major issues within contemporary Christianity, the ones that engage the interest of today’s students.”

Broadly speaking, this book encompasses two main dimensions: the historical and the political. It is organized into four distinct parts, with the initial two sections delving into the narrative of Christianity from its origins to the present. The remaining two sections focus on providing students with the necessary tools to comprehend modernity and address contemporary issues related to Christianity


Mary Jo Weaver


Hassan Ghanbari

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