The Philosophy of the Church Fathers

The philosophy of the church fathers is a research collection that focuses on the interpretation of philosophical texts from Plato to Spinoza. The author combines philosophical analysis with linguistic precision and criticizes the depiction of threefold periods in the history of philosophical thought. Instead, they aim to present a philosophy that begins with Philo and ends with Spinoza, considering Philo as the founder of “religious philosophy” in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
The distinctive feature of this intellectual tradition is the interpretation of sacred texts based on philosophy and the critique and evaluation of philosophy in light of religious principles derived from sacred books. The author considers this philosophy as a new and influential philosophy over the course of seventeen centuries and attempts to reconstruct and highlight its evolutionary trajectory.

The author demonstrates that a similar understanding between the church fathers and the relationship between Greek philosophical teachings and divine truths in Jewish and Christian scriptures led to the formulation of Christian beliefs in the form of a kind of philosophy. Thus, a Christian narrative of Greek philosophy emerged.


Harry Austryn Wolfson


Ali Shahbazi

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