Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: A Three-Volume Course

The book “Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: A Three-Volume Course” is a continuation of the author’s previous book “Children of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam,” which includes excerpts from the sacred texts of these three religions on various topics.

The author aims to provide an expanded explanation and elaboration of the topics covered in the previous book. The author states that their goal in creating this new work is to address various issues that these three closely related groups have often contemplated, particularly topics that facilitate comparative analysis among the three religions. Therefore, selected official, famous, or important texts are used to express these ideas.

For example, all Jews, Christians, and Muslims have contemplated the law of God and how to worship Him, as well as the authority and greatness of God, angels, heaven, and hell. Each group has sought to explain their beliefs and align their members accordingly. And perhaps more importantly, these three religious communities share the belief that divine revelation is not limited to a respected and protected book considered as their holy scripture.

Contents of Volume One:
This volume discusses the emergence and formation of Abrahamic religions and the transformation of each into a distinct and identifiable community. The author begins their discourse from the creation of the world and the first human beings and quickly moves on to the covenant between God and Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him), tracing the historical trajectory of that covenant in the authentic texts of each of these three Abrahamic religions.

Contents of Volume Two:
This volume delves into the teachings of Abrahamic religions, providing detailed discussions on books, traditions, and laws.

Contents of Volume Three:
The main subject of this volume is the mysticism of Abrahamic religions, but the first and second chapters discuss worship and rituals in Abrahamic religions, and the sixth chapter covers eschatology in these religions.


Francis Edward Peters


Hussein Tofiqi

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Hard cover

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