Al-Buruj on the Names of Amir al-Mu minin (Peace be Upon Him)

This book presents a compilation of names or titles attributed to Imam Ali, arranged in alphabetical order. These names or attributes are derived from Quranic verses, hadiths, and poems, highlighting the virtues and qualities of ʿAlī.

The author aims to introduce the character of Amīr al-Muʾminīn ʿAlī in this way, revealing the hitherto unknown dimensions of his character.

The names or titles, starting with “Udhun Wāʿiya” (the listening ear), are presented in alphabetical order, culminating with the title “Yumn Allāh alladhī mann bih ʿalā l-muʾminīn” (God’s blessing with whom God showed favor to the believers). These names or titles encompass a range of phrases or sentences that reflect different facets of Imam ʿAlī’s relationship with God


Hadi ibn Ibrahim ibn Ali al-Wazir


Mohammad Eslami

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