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Introduction the research center

The University of Religions and denominations, the first specialized university of religions and denominations in the Islamic Republic of Iran, was established in 2008 in the city of Qom. Its aim is spreading and strengthening world peace, spirituality and morality, and reducing human sufferings. Moreover, this university endeavors to introduce Islam in a scholarly way.

In order to scientifically study the position of women and family at the fundamental and practical level and to investigate the effectiveness of family in the contemporary era, this university has established the Faculty of Women and Family. The Research center for Women and Family Studies was established in 2016, consisting of different research groups with specific scientific goals and perspectives in the field of women and family.


  • The scientific study of issues related to women and family

2- Using research results in the field of women and family for the practical and tangible issues happening in society

3- Laying the groundwork for wise policy-making in the field of women and family

4- Scientific-research cooperation with national and international centers active in the field of women and family

Research staff

Managers of the Research Center