News frameworks for French electronic media regarding Middle Eastern issues: An analytical study of the news of the Arabic-speaking France 24 website, from 1-10-2019 – 1-10-2020

Salwan Hameed Maeedi Al-Ghuraibawi
Field of study:
Faculty of Social Sciences, Media and Communication
URD Press
Mohsen Marefi

The international satellite channels directed in Arabic to the Middle East region are distinguished by their news bulletins and innovative programs, which leads to attracting the viewer with their news products and programs with modern ideas and methods, as well as the advanced technologies in production and video formatting. The frameworks in which the topics were dealt with in the news on the France 24 website, which creates an attraction and influence on the recipient by molding events in human or moral frameworks or other frameworks. The importance of the research is highlighted by explaining the ways in which the media influence the formation of public opinion, which is framing events and issues in a certain way, and framing for presentation includes the source of communication and the identification of an issue. The research relied on the content analysis method, and the research indicates that there is a relationship between the setting of frameworks in the Arabic France 24 network and the dominant ideology  and the content of the media, By the discourse accepted by the channel is the excessive ideological load embodied in the reference. According to the conspiracy theory and misleading ideological discourses about the conflict in the Middle East region, a new attempt to mislead the audience about “legitimizing” what the global arrogance is doing in the Middle East and the Arabic network France 24 is based. The coverage of the Middle East affairs in general from the image of the intellectual or revolutionary activist when he took a wide space to express his opinions in the talk shows and reports. The episodes of this program during the studied period were dominated by current issues related to the dialectic of Islam and its relationship with violence and terrorism, which is completely in line with the political agenda of the French government during that period after the high frequency of terrorists.  Attacks in the country