Inquiries into Media (First Volume: Technology and Media)

Throughout history, various forms of media, including written, auditory, and visual, have served as conduits for transmitting divine instructions, the preaching of prophets, commands from rulers and kings, speeches by scientists and scholars, and even legal codes like Moses’s ten commandments and the Hammurabi laws. This suggests that humans have never existed without media in any era of their history. Even the Quran itself can be regarded as a form of media.

The comprehensive four-volume set titled Inquiries into Media delves into the intricate relationship between humans and media, the inseparable connection between humans and technology as an integral aspect of media, and the interplay between media and religion. In today’s world, it is undeniable that humans coexist with an array of software programs and hardware devices, the majority of which owe their existence to media. This book serves as the inaugural volume in this series.


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