Sufism in Egypt

Since the early centuries of Islam, Egypt has embraced Sufism and its masters. Even today, while many Egyptians may not have a comprehensive understanding of Sufism, they often demonstrate Sufi behaviors.

The gradual growth of Sufism in Egypt throughout the centuries has been a religious phenomenon influenced by the significant role of religion in shaping Egyptian society.

Various practices, such as honoring and seeking blessings from the tombs of revered figures, celebrating the birth of the Prophet and Imam al-Husayn, paying homage to the mausoleums of “Raʾs al-Husayn” (the Head of al-Husayn), Sayyida Zaynab, and Sayyida Nafisa, are distinctive features deeply ingrained in the Egyptian culture. Egypt stands among the countries where Sufism has flourished.

This study focuses on Sufi orders in Egypt. Despite the limited availability of sources in this area, the book offers readers valuable insights and information


Mahdi Farmanian and others

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