Thinking Philosophically: An Introduction to Critical Reflection and Rational Dialogue

The primary goal of this book is to offer a concrete and accessible introduction to the field of philosophy.

The book’s content can be categorized into two main sections: metaphilosophy and philosophy. The section on metaphilosophy explores fundamental inquiries, such as: What is philosophy? Who qualifies as a philosopher and what is their role? How does philosophy compare and contrast with other disciplines like religion, science, history, and mathematics? What methods are employed in philosophical inquiry?

The second section of the book directly focuses on issues within three key philosophical domains: epistemology, the theory of value, and metaphysics.

Within the realm of epistemology, various topics are brought to the forefront, including the nature of truth, the essence of knowledge, and logical arguments.

The theory of value explores ethical and moral theories, and metaphysics delves into several key topics, including free will and determinism, the mind-body problem, theism, materialism, and idealism.


Richard Creel


Mohammad Keivanfar

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Hard cover

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