A Study in Zoroastrian Philosophy

This work is a collection of articles about the philosophy of the Zoroastrian religion. In this research, the philosophical roots of the Zoroastrian religion are first addressed, and a history of the time and birthplace of Zoroaster and his teachings is presented.

Then, the characteristics of the Zoroastrian religion and topics such as cosmology, eschatology, dualism, Zarvanism, good and evil, and the distortion of Zoroastrian thought in the modern age are discussed. Ethics and society in Zoroastrian philosophy during the Achaemenid and Sassanian periods, as well as the characteristics of contemporary Zoroastrian philosophy, are also covered in other articles in the book. According to the author, although Zoroastrian beliefs, especially regarding the issue of good and evil, have undergone significant changes, their ethical philosophy has remained constant.

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John Hinnells, Mary Boyce


Niloofarossadat Navvab, Saeed Zare, Seyed SaeedReza Montazeri

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