Zoroastrianism and other religions

The influence and impact of religions on each other is one of the most important topics in the study of religions, and it has always been a subject of interest for researchers to examine and compare them. Zoroastrianism is also one of the oldest religions in the world, with a unique structure, perspective, and position that has always attracted the attention of scholars and Iranologists.
Due to its antiquity and its geographical location, Zoroastrianism has served as a bridge between the East and the West, and through further research and investigation, one can discover many similarities and connections between this ancient world religion and other religions.
This book, which contains articles by experts in the field of religious studies and Iranology, aims to make a comparison between Zoroastrianism and other beliefs such as Judaism, Christianity, Manichaeism, Mu’tazilah, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, and other thoughts and beliefs


S. Saeidreza Montazeri

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