Theology and Society; History of Religious Thought in Early Islam (2nd Vol.)

For nearly a quarter of a century since the publication of the six-volume series Theology and Society in the 2nd and 3rd Centuries of Hijra, by Professor Josef van Ess (born 1934), retired professor of Islamic Studies and Semitic Languages at the University of Tübingen and renowned researcher in the field of Islamic theology, this collection has undoubtedly become one of the noteworthy research sources and a foundation for numerous studies.
The new method of examining theological views in the four regions of the Islamic world and their relations with each other, as well as the relationship between society and theology, has opened up new horizons in theological research.
The exceptional follow-up by the author and precise citation of sources in the footnotes have turned this collection into a valuable treasure for researchers in Islamic theology.


Josef van Ess


Elham Hoseini, S. Mohammadreza Beheshti

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Hard cover

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