تاریخ انتشار:
Event date
2021/02/18 To 2021/03/08
Event time
8:00 am To 2:00 pm
International Shiite Studies Courses is one of the most prestigious and well-received short-term courses at the University of Religions and Denominations, which is held annually by the Directorate of Scientific and International Cooperation. But this year, due to the Corona pandemic, the 11th International Shiite Course will be held virtually.

This course is planned for the first time in Spanish and with the participation of the Salam Institute in Colombia for Latin American audiences and has been extremely well received by students and professors in the region.

In this course, renowned professors such as Dr. Tawfiqi and Dr. Talebi Darabi, who are members of the faculty of the University of Religions and denominations, teach. Also, due to the fact that the classes are in Spanish, international and Spanish-speaking professors, including Mr. Abdolkarim Paz, Soheil Asad, Luis Vito, Faisal Marhal, Morteza Rezazadeh, etc., have been invited, This adds to the quality and richness of this course.

Due to the time difference, the classes of this course are held at 4:30 AM Iranian time, which is accompanied by the efforts of professors. It should be noted that the 11th International Course of Shiite Studies was presented in February and March 2021 in the form of the Winter School of Religions along with three other independent courses (Ecclesiology, Paul in the New Testament and the Doctrine of Imamate).

This course is held with the scientific aristocracy and content supervision of the Faculty of Shia Studies of the University of Religions and Denominations, and at the end, the participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance by this faculty.