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Ayaz Niazi, Pioneer of Rethinking Religion, Islamic Proximity: Navvab

Published: 2020/06/21    

Ayaz Niazi, Pioneer of Rethinking Religion, Islamic Proximity: Navvab

In his message of condolence for “the martyrdom” of Ayaz Niazi, President of University of Religions and Denominations Seyyed Abolhassan Navvab has described the Islamic cleric as a “self-less and tolerant Islamic scholar” and “pioneer of rethinking religion, and of Islamic proximity”.

“His martyrdom by Khawarij of the time was a good end which demonstrated the rightness of the pathway of the benevolent and endeavoring Islamic scholar,” Hujjat al-Islām Navvab said in his message on June, 15.

An academic member of staff at the Faculty of Islamic Law, Kabul University, Dr. Ayaz Niazi was killed on June, 2 in a bombing while making speech inside Wazir Akhbar Khan Mosque.

Dr. Niazi had a master’s degree in Islamic economy from al-Azhar University, and a PhD in international relations from the point of view of Islamic jurisprudence.  

A high-profile Afghan political figure he both condemned ISIS’s terror attacks, and severely criticized the presence of foreign military forces in Afghanistan and their targeting of Afghan civilians.


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