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Rafiq Qasimi’s Role “Not Unknown to Intellectuals”, Navvab

Published: 2020/06/16    

Rafiq Qasimi’s Role “Not Unknown to Intellectuals”, Navvab

President of University of Religions and Denominations, Hujjat al-Islām Seyyed Abolhassan Navvab, has offered his condolences for the loss of former Secretary General of Jama’t Islami Hind (Indian Islamic Congress), Maulana Muhammad Rafiq Qasimi, stressing “the prominent scholar’s role in mutual understanding and camaraderie among Muslims in the Indian subcontinent is not unknown to intellectuals.”

An activist for Islamic unity and a staunch proponent of Islamic revolution of Iran, Maulana Qasimi passed away on Saturday, June 6. 

In his message on June 13,  Hujjat al-Islām Navvab added that late Maulana Qasimi’s “unstinting support for Islamic revolution of Iran and its deceased leader Imam Khomeini (R. A.) was always acknowledged and admired by Ayatollah Khamenei, who is now mourning his old friend.”

Describing late Maulana Qasimi as a “reformer”, he expressed hope that “the flag of Islamic proximity will remain hoisted.”

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