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Human Rights Office

Published: 2014/11/23    

The Office for Studies on Religions and Human Rights

Believing in the principle that every human has the right to follow a religion, the University of Religions and Denominations could not be indifferent to the issue of human rights.

Therefore, in May 2008, URD launched "the Office for Studies on Religions and Human Rights", comprising a number of experts on Islamic jurisprudence and religious studies to:

  1. Broaden the academic studies on human rights in the religions
  2. Explore the meeting points of universally accepted moral values of human rights and those of religions
  3. To comparatively study the positions of religions on the issue of human rights
  4. To clarify the position of human rights in Islam and counter misunderstandings in this regard

This office also monitors, introduces the newly published works worldwide on human rights and religions and translates them into Persian.


Some Other Goals

1. Research goals:

·        To compile and present a practical program that includes the scope of topics in Religions and Human Rights

·        To translate and compile works as books or essay collections

·        To publish a specialized periodical

·        To support members of academic board for publishing articles in specialized magazines

·        To support M.A. and doctorate theses in Religions and Human Rights

·        To publish special papers on Religions and Human Rights

·        To establish a specialized center for documents in order to update and complete the researches in Religions and Human Rights

·        To establish a library and e-book data base on Religions and Human Rights

2. Educational goals:

·        To hold meetings, conferences, and educational workshops for the students and professor

·        To arrange advanced English classes and lectures

·        To establish the M.A. and Ph.D. course of Religions and Human Rights

3. Communicative goals:

·        To take part in home and overseas conferences

·        To hold local meetings and conferences

·        To hold international meetings and conferences

·        To identify Human Right organizations and centers and communicate with them



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