Research degrees by distance learning


URD’s Research degrees by distance learning


Mode of study

Expected length

Department of Arabic Language
Faculty of languages and Cultures of the Nations
Full time

Department of History of Islam
Faculty of History of Islam
Full time
3 years

Department of Media Management
Faculty of Media and Communications
Full time
4 years

Department of Shi’i History and Denominations
Faculty of Shi’i Studies
Full time

Department of Study of Religion
Faculty of Religions
Full time
3 years

Department of Islamic Denominations
Faculty of Islamic Denominations
Full time

The University of Religions and Denominations currently offers 17 research-only PhD programs. More research-only PhD programs will also be established in the near future. These programs are in line with the regulations and decisions made by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology of Iran. Therefore, the final degree conferred to the students is approved by this ministry.
Holding a master’s degree or an equivalent is required to be enrolled in these programs. For international applicants, the equivalent of a master’s degree must be approved by the Iranian Consulate at the country of graduation.
In the research-only PhD programs, the applicants submit the proposals in Persian, English, or Arabic. The proposal briefly explains the suggested research topic and is submitted along with other application documents. The proposed research topic is reviewed by the faculty members and the results will be announced to the applicant.
Provided the research topic is accepted by the faculty, the professor and the student will discuss whether the research process would be online or in-person. Not holding citizenship of Iran and no legal prohibition to stay in the country are necessary conditions for those students who would prefer to be present at the university for their thesis defense. The research-only PhD degree is completed in 2 years and the total fee for this program is $5000