Professor Exchange Agreement Signed with the Support of Erasmus+

According to the Public Relations Office of the University of Religions and Denominations, a cooperation agreement was signed with the focus on professor exchange. The agreement was signed by Dr. Taskhiri on behalf of the University of Religions and Denominations and Petr Pelikan on behalf of the University of West Bohemia, Czech.

According to this agreement, which is supported by the Erasmus European Program, three faculty members of the University of West Bohemia will visit the URD for some programs in English in February 2022. During their stay, these faculty members will organize various programs and classes, and negotiate with the university officials on holding a variety of student programs in Iran and in the Republic of Czech.

The Deputy of Communications and International Affairs of the university noted that as an international university, the University of Religions and Denominations was one of the universities with the highest number of international students, and was highly interested to expand its connections with universities around the world.

Hujat al-Islam Taskhiri also stated: “during the past years, the University of Religions and Denominations has had very good relationships with different European universities including the universities of Germany, France, and Italy. URD has so far sent various scholarly committees to these countries in order to organize scholarly programs. Also, we have been hosting a variety of similar committees from around the world.”

Petr Pelikan, the representative of the University of West Bohemia pointed to the international measures of URD and said that the agreement would hopefully be an onset for the scholarly collaborations of the two universities and that they would be able to sign longer-term agreements with the University of Religions and Denominations for holding a variety of scholarly programs.

Referring to the numerous student trips organized by URD, he added: “the University of West Bohemia supports such trips and can host such student trips in the coming years if the coronavirus pandemic ends.”

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