In the gathering of Pakistan professors and activists raised;

Discussion and unity doesn’t mean abandoning religious principles and foundations


Hojjat-ul-Islami-wal-Muslimin, Dr. Jafar Tayari, vice president of the university, while emphasizing the unity and discussion among the professors and cultural activists of Pakistan said: discussion doesn’t mean deviating from religious principles and foundations, but it means hearing and listening to the others, which is in processing in Religions and Denominations University.

گفتگو و وحدت به معنای کنار گذاشتن اصول و مبانی دینی نیست

  According to the public relations report of the university, a group of professors and scientific-cultural activists of Pakistan, while visiting the University of Religions and Denominations, met and talked with the vice president of Univesity Hojat-ul-Islam-wal-Muslimin, Dr. Jafar Tayari, in the Sadr Hall.

According to this report, Hojat-ul-Islam-wal-Muslimin, Dr. Jafar Tayari welcomed the professors and activists of Pakistan and said: Religions and Denominations University is an international university that is specialized in dealing with religions. There may be courses related to religions in some universities, but I doubt that a university will deal exclusively work on religions in a special way.

He continued: This University was established on the basis of peace and peaceful coexistence of the followers of all religions. It is emphasized on duty statement of university, that the university start introduce Islam scientifically based on the teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them), research and educate special people while knowing other religions and denominations and discuss with the followers of them by use of common things in the way of human coexistence, strengthen peace, reduce human suffering, expand spiritual and ethics.

The vice president of the university stated: Therefore, based on the duty statement of the university, the focus of our discussions is also the teachings of Ahl al-Bayt. Therefore, the discussion in Religions and Denominations University to make unity doesn’t mean that we want to deviate from our basic beliefs and principles. We should behave as the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Ahl al-Bayt (PBUH) enamored others.

He clarified: One of the characteristics of these dignitaries was that they were good listeners. This feature is also mentioned in verse 61 at Tawbah surah, “They say he is ear tell the ear is better for you” Having a listener ear was something that God had taught to his prophet. At first, the disbelievers mocked this characteristic and when this verse of the Qur’an was revealed, explained it as one of the good morals of the Prophet. In my opinion, if we listen like the innocents and welcome the followers of Islamic sects and religions with open arms and listen to them well, eventually they will also be ready to hear our message and words.

Hojjat-ul-Islam-wal-Muslimin Dr. Jafar Tayari said: Th Religions and Denominations University has also tried to be a listener ear for all religions based on this blessed verse. We invite all religions to come to the Religions and Denominations University and listen to their words and then add our own words. The effectiveness of this method has been experienced many times in Religions and Denominations University.

He continued: In psychological point of view, this method has been experienced and recommended that listening to the others in the first stage can enable the other listen to the words of another in the end. We Muslims, both Shia and Sunni, must follow the way of the Prophet. I hope that by sticking to this way, we can achieve unity among Muslims, a unity that is needed more than all time in the current age.

In the continuation Hojat-ul-Islam-wal-Muslimin, Dr. Lotfi, the head of the Faculty of Shiaology, welcoming the attendees, while introduced the Faculty of Shiaology and the fields available in this faculty and said: The Faculty of Shiaology of Religions and Denominations University is ready to accept interested and talented students in the field of Shia research. We are trying to increase the scope of Shia studies in the university and launch different courses in different subjects in the field of Shiaology.

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